Affiliates and Subsidiaries

ACG has a number of affiliates and subsidiaries, two of which are listed below. Apritech, a fit-out company, is a fully owned subsidiary and Studio 20, an architectural studio, is an affiliate. Both companies operate at arms length from the main operating company, providing services under contract to both the latter and third parties.

Architecture  I  Urban planning  I   Interior design

Studio20 is a studio whose activity consist of design in the field of architecture, urban planning and interior design. The principal behind undertaken activities is the attitude of openness towards people, ideas and challenges of the changing reality.

Studio 20's projects are characterised by the high quality of proprietary solutions.

The studio’s team consists of competent and creative architects, specialised in difficult and complex design tasks.

The Studio 20 portfolio covers residential, service, hotel and office construction.


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Fit out  I  Constructing Interiors

Apritech designs and implements office and commercial space interior finishing works.

The scope of competencies includes a full range of services related to the preparation of space for the needs of a new tenant or landlord including technical and design consulting, cost and risk assessment, preparation of detailed designs and the implementation of the full range of construction and installation works with the supply of equipment.

Since the company’s inception in 2014, Apritech has established a proven track record exemplified by high quality workmanship and the ability to adhere to strict deadlines, thereby providing clients with the comfort and security that they expect.

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