Mielęckiego 1 (Katowice)

Investment Name
"Pałac Kota"
Redevelopment into Food, Drink, Entertainment and Event Complex
Katowice, Mielęckiego
Planned Area
4 400 m2
About Investment
ACG owns and is redeveloping a 19th century palatial building in the centre of Katowice, Poland, on the corner of Warszawska—the city’s main thoroughfare—and Mielęckiego Streets. ACG has designed a 4,400 m2 mixed-use venue across 4 storeys, a basement, patios, and terraces, based around a combination of food, drink, entertainment and events, with the objective of filling a currently empty space in Katowice’s leisure offering.

This urban revitalisation project will not only lead to the aesthetic improvement of a historic building in the centre of Katowice, but directly contribute to local economic development through the creation of a significant number of jobs within the building once redevelopment is completed, in addition to acting as a magnet in attracting new hospitality and retail businesses into the surrounding area.
0 m2
Office & Retail GLA Under Management
0 m2
Residential Usable Area
0 m2
Secured Land For Future Development