Piątkowska 165 (Winiary, Poznań)

Investment Name
Piątkowska 165
Greenfield Residential Development
Poznań, Winiary
Planned Area
20 007 m2 Residential Usable Area
About Investment
Piątkowska 165 is a planned development, on land owned by ACG, across 4 buildings varying between 7 and 9 storeys (plus two underground levels), encompassing 313 apartments with either balconies or loggias, consisting of 20,007 m2 of residential usable area, 315 parking spaces and 100 m2 of storage unit area.

The plot is located in the Winiary district of Poznań, a predominantly residential area just under 5 km to the north of Poznań Główny, the city’s main train station, the latter itself on the immediate western boundary of the Old Town. A major feature of the site is its close proximity to Galeria Pestka, a well-established 42,300 m2 shopping centre, housing over 70 retail outlets.
0 m2
Office & Retail GLA Under Management
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Residential Usable Area
0 m2
Secured Land For Future Development